Creating The Illusion Of Height

Over the past few years, the request for taller kitchen cabinetry has become quite common.  To achieve this, many kitchens today are being designed without soffits and cabinets are being installed to the ceiling.  By eliminating soffits, the illusion of height and space can be created.  If properly executed, a standard ceiling can immediately feel taller.  One way to accomplish this effect without replacing cabinetry is to install a large crown molding at the top of the soffit and paint the crown, soffits and cabinets the same color.  If you have stained cabinets and are not interested in painting them, consider installing a wood veneer over your soffits along with a crown molding.  Then stain the new material to match, or compliment, your existing cabinets.

DSC_0145This is a project that might take one or two weekends for the do-it-yourself-er.  If you are considering painting your cabinets just remember how important the prep work is.  Take extra time to sand down your cabinets and consider priming them first to ensure that the new paint will adhere.

You will find that spraying versus brushing the cabinets will give you the best finish and last the longest.  If this project is a little advanced for your comfort level, consider hiring a skilled finish carpenter.  Make sure they have finished carpentry experience and ask to see their portfolio, which should include pictures of their work.

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