Kitchen Trends


The New Year is here and everyone is excited about what trends are up and coming for this year. Kitchens still remain the most popular room to remodel and the room that consumers are most interested in keeping up to date. Here are some trends in the kitchen remodeling industry.

Classic designed kitchens: This is a design theme that will pass the test of time. Similar to building your wardrobe a classic kitchen should include tried and true elements with a few fun trends as accents. Some elements of a classic kitchen are cream painted or medium stained cabinetry, wood flooring, paneled cabinet doors and a neutral color pallet.

Contemporary is in too: There is something about clean lines and polished surfaces that creates a simple, uncluttered feel and can be enjoyable for many. Add a pop of a bright accent color here and there and you have a fun contemporary space.

Smart use of space: A well designed kitchen is a must! It doesn’t matter how pretty a kitchen looks, if it doesn’t function it won’t be enjoyable. The space should be designed for ease of use and safety. There are many custom and aftermarket kitchen organizer options available to help create an organized space.

Touch or touch less faucets: Many manufacturers have designed touch faucets that will turn on and off with just a soft touch. Touch less, or motion activated, faucets are becoming popular as well. Both are very convenient when your hands are dirty and you don’t want to touch the faucet handles.

Open floor plan: We have seen this trend for quite a few years and it continues into 2015. Removing walls between the kitchen and living space is still a popular concept as the kitchen becomes more of a living space. Because this room is becoming one with our daily living areas more attention is being given to the look and feel of the area.

Concealing appliances with cabinetry: Because we are opening the kitchen up to our living spaces homeowners are choosing to make their appliances more attractive. Sometimes this means concealing them all together! Certain dishwashers and refrigerators allow for cabinetry panels to be installed on the fronts, while hood vents can be installed within a decorative cabinet.

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