Mirrors: A Versatile Decorating Piece

Have you ever had a blank wall that you didn’t know what to do with and thought, “I’ll just hang a mirror; that will fill the space up?”

It may seem like a simple and unimaginative solution, but mirrors can create more of an impact than one would think.

Mirrors immediately create the illusion of depth. They are like a window you can move around the room.

A very popular location to hang a mirror is above the mantle in a living room. If the mirror is large enough, you will immediately create a focal point in the room. For a more casual look, set the mirror on the mantle and rest it against the wall instead of hanging it. Just make sure that it will not slide off.

For small spaces, such as tight entryways, mirrors work very well. You will be surprised how the mirror’s reflection will make the space feel larger.

Hallways are another space in our homes that can be small and feel dungeon like. Why not purchase large mirrors of all shapes and sizes and hang them along the hallway? Flea markets and garage sales are great places to find a variety of mirrors. Don’t worry about them all being the same finish, style or shape.

To create a dramatic dining room, consider installing mirror tiles on the ceiling. Try OutWaterPlastics.com for inspiration and product information.

Mirrors also can make an unusual twist to the traditional headboard. Instead of a wood or upholstered headboard, glue a large mirror to the wall behind a bed. Make it the width of the bed and extend up to the ceiling. With either traditional or contemporary décor, this can be a very striking look. You can purchase custom-cut mirrors from your local glass shop and expect to spend about $6 per square foot.

Mirrors are versatile pieces to decorate with and can be used in a variety of ways and with many décor styles. Next time you have a blank space you need to fill, a mirror just might be a perfect solution.

Jillian Renner is the interior designer for Golden Rule Remodeling & Architecture in Salem, where she specializes in guiding clients through the design-build remodeling process. Send your interior design questions to: jillian@GoldenRuleRemodeling.com or call (503) 365-8100

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